Rental Instrument Terms and Conditions

When you pick up your rental instrument from us at the store, you will be asked to sign acknowledging terms and conditions of rental as below:


  • I agree to assume all responsibility for loss or damage incurred to the instrument rented during the rental period, normal wear and tear excepted, and to return the instrument by the due date, or renew the rental contract by that time.
  • I understand that my rental fee includes coverage for basic damage protection, which covers damage to the instrument arising form normal use. This basic damage protection does not cover loss, theft, vandalism, engraving, excessive dents, crushed bells, holes, missing parts, and/or attempts at repair by unauthorized persons.
  • Optional Instrument Replacement Protection is available at the time of rental. This optional protection covers replacement of the instrument due to theft or loss from home or school. The theft or loss of the instrument must be substantiated by a police, fire or school report. A claim for Instrument Replacement insurance must be made within 10 days of occurrence. Instrument Replacement insurance does not provide coverage for bows, parts, accessories, acts of negligence, instruments left in vehicles or on transportation, and expires at the end of the rental term.
  • There are no refunds on early returns or on renewals