Gibson ES-347TD Natural 1981 (s813)

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Gibson ES-347TD Natural 1981 (s813)

For sale we have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL ES-347 in incredible condition. Very minor wear and tear if any at all. The guitar plays exceptionally well and has no issues whatsoever. Little bit of leather peeling off the edge of the hardshell case, but the case is in overall great shape too. Please message me with any questions at all, this is an absolute dream guitar here. 

The maple on this guitar is very beautiful as well. There's nice birdseye figuring throughout. Couple of scratches in the finish here and there if you hold it up to the light right (this guitar is from 1981...) Also tiny little cracks in the binding where the frets are. The binding cracks are stable, small, and shallow. Not something to be concerned about. Not a lot of fret wear. Minor fret wear in the first 3 frets but nothing significant. 


Under the plate that says "ES-347" on the back of the headstock there is a stamp marked "SECOND" that has been scratched out. This is a stamp from the Gibson factory that marks this guitar as a factory second even though there I am unable to find anything in terms of the guitar itself that this would apply to.